Coronavirus (Covid19) Pandemic – LVMS Safety Statement.

Here at LVMS we have been preparing for the relaxing of the UK coronavirus lockdown policies and revisiting our work operations-based risk assessments.
The coronavirus is a type of virus, which as a group are common across the world. Our understanding is that the COVID-19 coronavirus presents more of a risk to people with weakened immune systems, older people, and those with conditions such as diabetes, cancer and chronic lung disease and BAME communities. (GOV.UK, 2020). We recognise that many of our customers may fall into the aforementioned categories. With this in mind we aim to provide a safe working environment for both us and you during these difficult times. We ask that you please take note of our revised operating criteria outlined below:

LVMS will:
1. Ensure that our engineer will carry out a daily temperature and health check prior to commencing work operations.
2. Assess each potential work area prior to commencing work. We reserve the right to cancel the booking if any work areas/campsites/storage areas present unreasonable social distancing issues.
3. Ensure that our engineer cleans and sanitises his bare hands regularly.
4. Observe HM Governments current advice regarding social distancing when we meet face to face with our customers, or members of the public.
5. Ensure that our workwear is washed regularly.
6. We will wear PPE face masks in appropriate situations.
7. We will wear appropriate PPE disposable gloves when we work on your leisure vehicle.
8. We will use an appropriate propriety sanitiser and take reasonable care to sanitise any internal hard work surface we have contacted during the course of the service/repair. (Please note: this sanitising will attract a small at cost surcharge. Whilst the surfaces will be sanitised and wiped down. We can offer no guarantee or implied guarantee that the cleaned surfaces will be totally virus free. The cleaning does not constitute a “deep clean” of the leisure vehicle.). But we are trying our best to act responsibly and minimise any potential contact contamination.
9. If the leisure vehicle is being serviced at your home, we ask that customer connect appropriately the 240v electric cable and water storage tanks prior to our arrival.
10. Leave the appropriate paperwork and invoice inside the leisure vehicle upon the completion of our work.

We ask that our customers:
1. Advise us in advance of attending their property if they or anyone within the family unit are symptomatic of Covid19.
2. Either leave the leisure vehicle unlocked and open (if homebased). Or present us with the keys, observing appropriate social distancing and place them into the UV light box as presented. We will treat all leisure vehicle keys via Ultra Violet light at key handover time(s).
3. Upon our arrival, we ask that our customers should confirm that they have not entered the leisure vehicle within 72 hours of our planned visit.
4. To please leave any warranty books or necessary paperwork that requires our attention inside the leisure vehicle observing the timeline set out above.
5. Observe HM Governments current advice regarding social distancing when we are working on your leisure vehicle.
6. At this stage of lockdown restrictions, all offers of beverages will be politely declined. We do not wish to be rude, but trust you understand our reasoning in this matter.
7. Please pay promptly for all work carried out (within 48 hours). Ideally using a BACS online electronic bank transfer. Cash will be accepted, following appropriate social distancing, and the cash will then be appropriately UV sanitised.
8. Ideally do not access the leisure vehicle for a further 72 hours after our departure.

We hope you understand our revised operating strategy and thank you in advance for your understanding and co-operation during these challenging and difficult times.

Tony Lyon